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Christoffel Park

Close to Lagun is the Christoffel Park. It is the largest nature park of Curacao (2300 hectares). The park consists of 3 former plantations (Plantage Savonet, Plantage Zorgvlied and Plantage Zevenbergen) and the hilly landscape of Jeremi.

You will find several rare animals, including the rare Curacao white-tailed deer (only about 250 animals), orchids (Lady of the Night) and various species of birds, including the yellow oriole, the barn owl, the Warawara and the white-tailed hawk.

In addition to nature, the park also offers a lot of culture. The Savonet plantation complex includes not only a beautiful mansion, but also many outbuildings and structures, all of which had their own function in the plantation past. 

The park can be visited in various ways, both by car and on foot. In addition to the paved highways, there are no fewer than 8 different walking routes, varying from the shortest and easiest, also suitable for people with walking difficulties, to the absolute die-hard walk to the top of the Christoffelberg, the highest point of the island.


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